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Jomfrua WI4 Krokan, Rjukan

Norway Ice  

The Norway Ice course is based in Rjukan, Telemark, on the edge of the vast Hardangerveeda Plateau. The valley is famous for the "Heroes of Telemark" and the heavy water plant, but it is also now known for producing excellent water ice climbing conditions. I've been running courses in Rjukan since 2007 and am very familiar with the valley and venues, which is essential for making the most of your trip.

The course is structured around 5 days of instruction and a travel day at each end, for a total of 7 days. Accommodation is provided in the very comfortable and well-equipped Rjukan Hytteby cabins, which are located in the center of town, close to local amenities.

The course's content could change and be based around an Intro Climbing course, Learn to Lead or just a fully "Guided" experience or a mix of all, its depends on your experience and requirements. Unlike Scotland, walk ins to venues are short so maximum time can be spent climbing. 

Pre Requisites - Experience of winter Mountaineering or Climbing


send enquiry ratio 1:1 

£1100 p/p  ratio 1:2

Core Skills Covered 

Be Avalanche Aware
  • Kit and pre course guidance 

  • Route planning & route selection, Weather and Avalanche awareness (BeAvalancheAware)

  • Water Ice Movement Workshop 

  • Building Rock & Ice Anchors

  • Escaping off routes/Abseiling

  • Ropework, belaying & stance management

  • Appropriate use of kit, where and when

  • Journeying and decision making

  • Ascents of Water Ice routes in the Rjukan valley 

Included in the cost

  • Qualified, Professional instruction and service

  • 5 Days climbing Instruction/Guiding

  • All travel in Norway, pick up and drop off from airport and all travel to and from climbing venues

  • Cabin Accommodation

  • Use of ropes and hardware

Not Included in the cost

  • Flights to and from Norway

  • Food and other expenses in Norway

  • Insurance

Bookings now available for 2023/24, get in touch!

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