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Goat Track Gully, Coire an tSneachda

Winter Learn to Lead 

Mountaineering or climbing, one or two axes?

The pinnacle of instructional courses in Scottish Winter Climbing, learning to lead or transferring your Summer leading experience into the Winter environment. The Northern Corries of Cairngorm is a great place to start this course, with easy and high access and a variety of terrain ranging from small buttresses to ice falls and gullies all at lower grades. A fantastic place to hone your skills, knowledge, and confidence. This course is best suited to winter mountaineers who have led scrambles, summer rock climbers who have led and have some winter walking experience, or winter climbers who have seconded in winter and want to get onto the mountain. 

Pre Requisites - Winter walker with summer climbing experience. 


  £280 per day in total, ratio of 1:2


Core Skills Covered 

Be Avalanche Aware
  • Kit and pre course guidance 

  • Route planning & selection, Weather and Avalanche awareness (BeAvalancheAware)

  • Movement skills 

  • Building Rock, Snow & Ice Anchors

  • Ropework, belaying & stance management

  • Escaping routes

  • Appropriate use of kit, where and when

  • Journeying and decision making

  • Ascents of gullies, ridges and buttresses

Included in the cost 

Not included in the cost 

  • Qualified, Professional instruction and service

  • Use of ropes and hardware

  • Personal Insurance

Bookings now available for 2023/24, get in touch!

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