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Rock Climbing Huntleys Cave

Rock Improver

The Rock Improver course can cover a wide range of topics depending on your needs.

As stated, you may already climb and want to 2nd harder routes, cover multi-pitch routes, be guided up some classic Scottish mountain routes, or have you been climbing for some time or "Leading" indoors and want to Learn to Lead outside?

All instruction will cover the essential core skills as well as good practice.

Courses can be scheduled for 1 to 5 days, depending on your requirements. I've included some suggestions for what I can offer for your course below. Send an inquiry for more information on bespoke options.


Pre Requisites - Indoor or Outdoor climber     


 £250 per day in total, ratio of 1:1

 £280 per day in total , ratio of 1:2

Core Skills Covered 

  • Kit and pre course guidance 

  • Kit and an understanding of how to use it safely

  • Movement skills

  • Ropework

  • Belaying

  • Climbing single pitch routes

  • Abseiling

Included in the cost 

Not Included In The Cost

  • Qualified, Professional instruction and service

  • Use of ropes, hardware, harnesses and helmets

  • Personal Insurance

Possible Course Options

Rock Improver -  Improve your movement skills, ropework, climbing multi-pitch routes, retreating from routes, building safe anchors, and having a variety of options by being coached through the Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Pyscological coaching process.

Guided Climbing - Climb some of Scotland's classic mountain routes or Sea Stacs, including Glencoe, Ben Nevis, Skye, Cairngorms, and the Old Man of Stoer in the north west. Check off that big goal, that lifelong ambition. At its best, multi-pitch adventure climbing.

Learn to Lead - Climb outside with a progression into "leading" single pitch routes, or if you have been leading indoors and would like to transfer your skills outdoors, ropework, belaying, gear placement, and anchor building, as well as overall climbing progression. Alternatively, get an MOT on your current climbing skills, TTPP feedback and coaching, stance management, belay change overs, good practice, and general climbing efficiency.

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